Joachim Bosse
OMG is for the believers. The ones who like.
The ones who post, share, and comment. 

The ones who share their running and yoga routine,
their food, clothes, and vacation. Their birthdays and honeymoons,
their workdays and club nights,
their Sunday brunches and shopping trips.

OMG is for the selfie queens and DM kings. The soccer moms 
and the coffee shop hipsters. The dudes and the bros. 
The sunset mamas and the BBQ papas, the Ghandi-quote babes 
and the gym jocks.

OMG is for the followers.

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Joachim Bosse is a conceptual artist and
the creative director of the agency DOJO.
Using hyperrealist sculptures, he deals
with consumerism, the influence of
mass media, and the role of social media
in the digital age. He remixes pop culture
and updates icons of art history in order
to question contemporary identities
and cultural values.