Cibelle Cavalli Bastos
Rhythm and sound, moving and sweating bodies have temporarily disappeared from Berlin‘s vibrant cultural scene. Since Covid-19 hit, it feels as though humanity has been in suspension. The fractal and fluid aspect of time has begun to appear as depth rather than linearity. In club culture, this timelessness is tangible through trance and vibrations. The crowd in Bastos’ AR work listens to the unending suspense of a rising sound waiting for the beat to drop.


Cibelle Cavalli Bastos is an artist, musician, researcher, and activist. Their practice as research engages with the changing conceptualizations of identity, performativity, and pictorial communication and examines the propagation of behavioral patterns in the digital age. It observes the challenges to perception and cognition in a time when platform capitalism continues to power a white-supremacist, cisgendered, hetero-normative, and patriarchal psyche. Bastos explores how counter-discourses that challenge dominant narratives around sociopolitical issues can be embedded and used as a form of resistance against the propagation of algorithmic behavior.