Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective
There are numerous competing diagnoses of the present and visions of the future, but everyone agrees on one point: It cannot go on like this. “Stay with the trouble,” demands theorist of science and technology Donna Haraway. “Make kin, not babies.” After the Anthropocene, humans will no longer remain the most important influencing factor on earth; new biological relationships will emerge. Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective imagine what the future of life could look like after Haraway, when they blur the line between baby, plant, and animal. Their toddler is holding an egg in its hand because the near future is still controlled by clumsy humans and a future generation that is unsettled by the global crisis.


Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective deal with the future of evolution. So-called hybrids will develop in 1,000 years, beings that are part plants, part animals, and part humans. In virtual reality experiences, expansive model installations, and films, the artists evolve their utopian cycle LIFE 3.0. Using VR and AR, 3D scans, and motion capture, they bring their characters to life, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in their worlds.

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